Healthy and Safe Food We provide fresh, healthy and safe food and beverages and don’t use any taste makers or color. The food will have only natural color and never use Ajinomoto to have more taste. We never use cooked oil and use most of the powders used for the cooking, such as Chilly Powder, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, Pepper Powder, Turmeric Powder and the Rice Powder for the Palappam etc. are all made by us for ensuring quality and to provide safe food to our guests. There are also dishes which is prepared from the organic vegetables & fruits. We don’t provide food for outsiders; we provide the food and beverages only to the guests who are staying in the rooms /cottages. Therefore the food & beverages are slightly expensive than other retail providers of food. They can provide cheaper food & beverages as they don’t maintain safety standards for the food. Order your food as early as possible to be served in time. We don’t keep semi cooked food, for fast preparation nor keep any cooked food, in freezer to serve in time after placing it in Microwave Oven. We start preparation of food only after the order, therefore you may order the food as early as possible to be served in time. If your check in is delayed, better to give us Your order for the Lunch/ Dinner/Breakfast, by phone. Please Contact +919446073152/ 0481 2523500 – (Ext. 100)  


Black Coffee/Black Tea                  10    

Coffee/Tea                                          30    

Coco Milk                                            75    

Fresh Lime Juice                             30    

Fresh Lime Soda                             60    

Horlicks Milk                                   75    

Lessi                                                  100

Butter Milk                                      50

Milk                                                   60


Club Soda (300ml)                    30

Coco Cola/ Pepsi (600ml)      90

Mineral Water (1 Ltr)              30

Seven Up/Sprite (600ml)      90

Soda (600ml)                             60



Banana Milk Shake                     100

Chocolate Milk Shake                 90

Fruit Juice (Seasonal)                90

Tender Coconut Juice                 100

Passion Fruit Juice (Organic)  50

Bilimbi Juice (Organic)              30

Papaya Juice (Organic)              80

Order the food & beverages at extension No:100/ Mob: +919446073152 Bed Coffee/Tea, from 5.45am & Breakfast Time: 6.30 – 9.30am

Alu Paratha (Order Before 1 hour) :      Rs 100

(Made out of Wheat Powder + Potato + Onion + Green Chilly + Red chilly+Butter)

Easily available Breakfast (Order before 20 minutes) 

a) Bread Toast Butter Jam, Egg to order and coffee or Tea : Rs 100

b) Corn flex Milk and Egg Omelet :Rs 100

c) Oats Milk and Egg Omelet :Rs 100

Dosa (3) or Idly (3) Sambar & Chatny             :       Rs  90

(Made out of Rice & Black gram. Order before 14 hours. The above time is required the Rice and Black gram has to get socks and also fermented.)

Idiyappam Veg Stew (Order before 1 hour) :      Rs 120

(Made out of rice powder and grinded coconut in steam)

Kanji, Vegetable dish, Bilimbi Curry, Pappad & Pickle :     Rs  100

(Order before 1 hour) (Kanji is the cooked rice in Boiled water)

Palappam (3) Veg stew (Order before 14 hours)            :     Rs 150

(Made out of Rice powder + Fresh toddy & Coconut Milk, Rice has to get socks and also to be fermented.)

Poori (3) Bhaji (Order before 1 hour)                         :      Rs 100

(Round chapathi type product made from wheat flour fried in oil)

Puttu & Kadala (Bengal Gram) Curry (Order before 5 hours) :  Rs  150

(Made out of Rice Powder + Grinded coconut, cooked in steam)

American Breakfast (Order before 60 Minutes) :  Rs 400

(Bread Toast (4 slices) with Butter & Jam, Egg to order, Cut Fruits or Fruit Juice, Cornflakes with Hot or Cold Milk, Coffee or Tea)

Boiled Egg (2) (Order before 15 minutes) :        Rs   50

Egg Omelet/ Egg Burji/ Scrambled Egg :      Rs 80

(Order before 15 minutes)

Idiyappam (3) Egg (1) Roast (Order before 1 hour) :  Rs 130

(Description is given before)

Palappam (3) Egg (1) Roast (Order before 14 hours) : Rs 150

(Description is given before)

Puttu & Egg (1) Curry or Roast (Order before 1 hour)    :  Rs 150

(Description is given before)

FRUITS (Order before 1 hour)

a)Cut Fruits                          :    Rs  100

b)Pineapple                          :     Rs 70

c)Mango (Seasonal)      :    Rs  70

d)Papaya   (Organic)           :     Rs 50

e)Passion Fruit -1 (Organic) :     Rs 30

f)Passion Fruit Juice (Organic)      :  Rs   50

g)Papaya  Juice (Organic)                  :  Rs  80

h)Bilimbi Juice (Organic)                      :   Rs  30

Lunch Time: 12.30 – 2.30pm & Dinner Time: 7pm – 9.30pm

Chapathi (3 No)             :         Rs  50

(Made out of wheat powder on the frying pan without using oil)

White Rice or Boiled Rice (1 Plate)             :      Rs     70

Tomato Soup (Order before 30 minutes)          :        Rs   70

Vegetarian Meals

Coconut Rice (Order before 45 minutes)                         :    Rs 100

Jeera Rice (Order before 45 minutes)                         :           Rs 100

Kerala Veg Meals (Order before 60 minutes)                         :           Rs 150

(Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Vegetarian Dish, Bilimbi Curry, Pappad & Pickle)

Curd Rice (Order before 45 minutes)             :          Rs 100

Tomato Rice (Order before 45 minutes)                         :          Rs 100

Veg Biriyani (Order before 45 minutes)             :          Rs 150

(Boiled White Rice + Vegetables + Butter) Vegetarian Dish/Curry

Alu Jeera Fry (Order before 30 minutes)                         :          Rs 100

(Made out of Potato with Cumin seed)

Alu Gobi (Order before 30 minutes)                         :         Rs  100

(Made out of Potato & Cauliflower)

Boiled Vegetable (Order before 20minutes) :          Rs 100

Channa Masala (Order before 5 hours)             :          Rs 100

(Made out of White Bengal Gram. It has to get socked for 4 ½ hours)

Bringal Curry (Organic) (Order before 60 minutes) :         Rs  80

Dal Tadka (Order before 30 minutes)                         :         Rs  100

(Dish made from Lentils)

Gobi Manjurian (Order before 45 minutes) :          Rs 100

     (Made out of Cauliflower)

Green salad (Order before 30 minutes) :         Rs  80

(Order before 45 minutes)

Ladies Finger Masala:   (Organic) : Rs 80

Bindhi Masala (Organic) : Rs 80

Papaya Dish (Organic) :Rs 80

Bilimbi Dish (Organic) : Rs50    

Mix Vegetable Curry (Order before 45 minutes) : Rs 100

Onion Salad (Order before 10 minutes) :          Rs 30

Tomato Curry or Fry (Order before 45 minutes) :        Rs 100

Non Vegetarian Meals

Chicken Biriyani (Order before 75 Minutes)             :           Rs  250

(Made out of Chicken+ White Rice+ Butter)

Fish Curry Meals (Order before 60 minutes)             :         Rs  250

(Rice, Fish curry (100 to 150gm), Vegetarian Dish, Butter milk, Pappad & Pickle)

Beef Biriyani (Order before 90 Minutes)                                     :           Rs  300

(Made out of Beef + White Rice+ Butter)

Prawn Rice (Order before 90 Minutes)                                        :         Rs  300    

Non Vegetarian Dishes

Beef (175gm) Fry/ Curry (Order before 90 minutes) :          Rs 250

Chicken 65 (200gm) :             300

(Order before 60 minutes)

Chicken Curry /Roast / Fry (200gm)                         :           Rs 200

(Order before 60 Minutes)

Duck Curry/ Roast (200gm)                         :         Rs 300

(Order before 90 Minutes)

Egg Curry / Roast (2 no’s)             :          Rs  100

(Order before 45 minutes)

Fish Items (Order before 60 minutes)

Ayila 125gm (Mackerel Fish Full)                         :          Rs 100

Karimeen (Green Chromide/Perl Spot) (125 to 175gm) :    Rs 250

Karimeen (Green Chromide/Perl Spot) (200 to 250gm) :      Rs  350

Kilimeen (Threadfin Bream) (100gm) :        Rs  100

Mathi/ Chala (Sea Fish named Sardine) (100gm) :       Rs    100

Prawns (200gm)                                                              :       Rs    320

Seer Fish/King fish (Neymeen/Nanmeen) (100gm) :      Rs  150

White Pomfret/Avoli (Silver Moony) (Full) (100gm) :      Rs     160

White Pomfret/ Avoli (Silver Moony) (Full) (150gm) :      Rs    250

Crab (200gm) (Order before 3 hrs) :                                              Rs 400

Evening Snacks  (Order before 30 to 60 minutes)      

Banana Fry                                                 Rs 100

Onion Pakkavada                                    Rs 100

Potato Fry                                                  Rs 100

Brinjal fry (Organic) in egg                 Rs 90

Vegetables Samosa                                 Rs 100

Sweet Ada                                                   Rs 100

(Grilled/Boiled product in banana leaf made out of Rice powder+ Grinded coconut+ Molasses)


Bread Pudding (Order before 60 minutes)                         :        Rs  50

Payasam (Order before 60 minutes)                                        :        Rs  80

Ice -Cream (order before 3 hours)                                      :        Rs   70

(Made out of Egg + Milk+ Sugar)

Passion Fruit + Sugar (Organic)(Order before 20 minutes) :     Rs    30

Papaya  (Organic)                                                                           :     Rs 50

Fruit Salad (Order before 60 minutes)                                          :     Rs    75

(Made out of Milk, Egg, Sugar, Cardamom +Cut Fruits)

BACKWATER CRUISING FOR TWO PERSONS (We arrange as per request)

  1. Motor Boat Cruising (9  to 11am/4 to 6pm)                         1500/-
  2. House Boat Cruising (9.30 to 11.30am)                         2500/-
  3. House Boat Cruising (11am to 4pm)                                       6250/-

Add Rs.400/- per person for Welcome drink, Lunch and Evening Snacks.

  1. Speed Boat Cruising for 1 hour                        2500/-

Please Note

  1. The above charge doesn’t include the to & fro charges as the boats will be available at different places.
  2. The above charge is meant for two persons only.
  3. Extra person’s charges for Motor Boat & House Boat cruising will be  150/- per person
  4. The above charge is not applicable during holidays and season.
AYURVEDIC TREATMENT & OTHER CHARGES (We arrange as per request)
Name of TreatmentDurationCharges
Kerala Traditional Massage60Min1440
Kerala Traditional Massage with Steam90Min1800
Kerala Traditional Massage With Sirodhara90Min2700
Herbal Facial60Min900
Herbal Cream Massage45Min1080
Udwardhanam (Powder Massage)45Min1350
Head & Neck, Shoulder with Back Massage45Min1080
Boady Scrub45Min1080
Sirodhara (Head Massage)45Min1350
Therapeutic Massage30Min720
Herbal Steam Bath30Min450
Head Massage20Min450
Face Pack20Min270
Mehandi Design30Min450