ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages,Kumarakom — Cottages & Rooms

A wonderful place of enjoyable ambiance, as you walk in, you are surrounded with a delightful vision of the Lake.

Whatever your idea of a perfect Relaxation, during your Holidays, Illikkalam Lakeside Cottages Kumarakom puts you to the maximum enjoyment of backwaters of Kumarakom and Alappuzha, which is located right in front of your cottages.

Relax at the lakeside Cottage and spend your time by reading a book or just enjoy the live backwater activities  at the lake Vembanad or the beautiful Sun set or may be admiring the lovely birds and parade of Houseboats motorboats  and the thrilling Speedboats.

1) We offer Basic A/c Rooms,Lakeside A/c  Cottages and Lakeside Family A/c Cottages. All Rooms and Cottages have a/c, attached bathrooms with hot and cold water, intercom facility & cable TV.

2) Tasty, fresh and safe food on order

3) We suggest you to have the lakeside cottages, for having the beautiful sightseeing throughout day & night, moonset at the early morning, then the marvelous beauty of the lake and the large flocks of lovely birds, parade of houseboats, motorboats, speedboats, fishermen’s boat and experience the beautiful sunset.

5) Lakeside is suitable for Family Get-together, Reunion Meetings and Engagements


Snakeboat Race

Snakeboat Race

ILLIKKALAM Lakeside & Lake Facing Cottages situated at the best location of Kumarakom is an eco friendly holiday property in one and a half acres of land.

Cottages are overlooking the Lake Vembanad and perfectly suitable for relaxation and holidaying for many days. You can experience the maximum breadth and length of the Vembanad lake, and also the sun set and the moon set from the cottages.

The pollution free air with more oxygen content will make you more healthy and energetic, when you stay at the lakeside cottages. Temperature at the lakeside is always lower than other places and very comfortable. ILLIKKALAM is one of the best property for relaxation and holidaying for budget tourists, in the state of Kerala.

Safe food & beverages from the restaurant on order

You may please order your food early, as the cook starts the preparation of the food only after your order, therefore the food will be safe, fresh and tasty.

Leisure activities within the property

Kumarakom Resort Photo

Sunset View from Resort

Watch from the Sit out/Porch of your cottage at the morning to enjoy the rare and beautiful sightseeing of drifting of Houseboats, motorboats, fishermen’s boat, speedboats, and also you may have the luck to watch the unique fishing by 5 or 6 fishermen in a small country boat and the very tasty lake fish called Karimeen (Pearl spot) is caught by bare hand by fishermen by diving in the lake and this type of fishing is called as Vellavali in Malayalam.

Few collection of books, in the cottages, which may provide you some information and enjoyment.

Watch the Sunset from your cottages and also enjoy the maximum breadth and length of the Vembanad Back Waters by staying at the best location of Kumarakom.

Relax at the waterfront on the hammocks,to have the unique experience of reading the books or sleeping by experiencing comfortable breeze and in the midst of the gentle sound of waves of the lake during the day and also in the night, just to relieve your strain and tension in the pollution free air. After the lunch you may walk on the walkers path for enjoyment and pleasure and after the dinner better to have a walk through the floodlight walkers path.

Kumarakom Resort Photo

Evening view from Resort

Switch off the light at the Sit out/Porch for the maximum enjoyment at the night with the unique pleasure and relaxation.Watch the sky, stars, moon, fireworks on the opposite side of the lake in Temples and Churches at Allappuzha district, experience the breeze, sound of the waves in the lake and the unique silence of the night and the natural sound of the lake at night.

Get up at the morning by 6am or before,to see the superb beauty of the great Vembanad lake by having a bed coffee/tea, from the Sit out/Porch of your Cottage, You can watch with great interest, lot of birds flying on the water, just in front of you, fishing by fisher man, Houseboats and other boats, if you are lucky you might see the rare Moon Set, during the full moon days at the early morning. You can also have a morning walk for keeping your health by walking through the walkers path on the side of the cottages, on the side of the boundary walls of the property, by experiencing vegetation, trees, fruit trees, by understanding the operation of Biogas Plant and Vermicompost, then on the side of the transformer, Basketball,  Shuttle court, table tennis, Generator, Water harvesting plant, etc.

Morning beauty of the village, local people and their culture, paddy fields and the greeneries at the nearby places, you can enjoy, if you can have a morning walk, on the right side of the main road for around 3 kms., up to Sri Muthen’s Nada( Mahadeva Temple) there the main Idol is Lord Siva.

Bathing ghat in front of cottages; from there you can swim in the lake before noon, for relaxation, but it should be only after getting the permission from the management and after arranging a watchman on the lakeside.

Fishing Rods and bite are available for you to have fishing in the early morning, you may get lot of small fish, which you can put it in small bucket for fun and enjoyment.

You may spent more time in the lap of the nature among pollution free air and in the outside activities, so that you will be more active and relaxed.

We arrange, Houseboat, Motorboat and Speedboat for the sunset cruising/morning cruising/full day cruising or for the overnight stay on full board basis. We also arrange, Deluxe and Premium Houseboats for Overnight Stay and for Day Cruising from just in front of the lakeside cottages or from any other convenient and suitable places in and around Kumarakom

We arrange, Ayurvedic Massage & Yoga classes

Ayurvedic whole body massage, treatment, facial, Yoga classes and other cultural programmes, will be arranged as per your prior request.

Other Facilities,we arrange

Medical care, laundry, travel assistance, vehicle hire for sightseeing and shopping, personal care and attention from the management etc.

Clean & Pollution free property

The Bio gas plant and Vermicompost plant keeps the property clean and tidy. This property is operating with the consent of the Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

Power is steady

There is a 100 KVA Transformer in the property, so that the power is steady and also an Inverter and 40 KVA Diesel Generator for the backup.

Please Take Care

Please don’t, keep your door opened for more time at night, as there are chances of small flies may come inside of your cottage, as this is a village. You may try to avoid food inside your room, as it will attract ants and insects in your bedroom.


You are allowed to swim in the lake, only with the permission of the Management and by wearing life jackets and in the presence of life guards and step down to lake, only from the Bathing Ghat, before noon, if the lake is calm and quiet.You have to be careful when you get into and get out of the hammocks, without falling down. During the rainy season the farm, walker’s path and the tiles in the porch etc. may be slippery, so you have to take more care.

Save Power & Water

You may save power by switch off the A/c,Fan and lights when you don’t use and when you are out of the room and also please close the door and windows,when the A/c is on. Please also take care of not to waste water, as power and water are very precious.


We started the hospitality business in 1995, with just one room, in our own inherited one and half acres of land, as the first local family in Kumarakom, managed by Susan Salim and Salim Das, who is an advocate and hails from one of the Ancient Syrian Christian families of the region. The Guest can always  contact the Management to have additional care,assistance and information.Mob. No +91 9495735152.