General Information

Check In From Afternoon 2 Pm On wards & Check Out before 12 Noon, Early Check In & Late Check Out will  depends upon availability and Prior Permission.

Extra Persons

Extra Persons Charge without breakfast will be 1121, But with Breakfast the charge will be Rs 1385. The facilities for extra persons will not be provided in Basic A/c Rooms and in the Non A/c Rooms ,but in all the other types of rooms the facilities for extra persons can be provided.

Early Check Out

Please inform well in advance about your early check out, as we have to prepare your bill ,collect the dues if any etc., as our accounts department functions only 8.30 Am to 5 Pm. if you don’t inform your early check out in time, then you may get delayed and also we will not be able to provide you, the official bill and receipts at the time of your check out.

Children Policy And Extra Person.

Up to two children below 5 years, can stay with the Parents without any additional charges. if they don’t require any extra facilities. But children above 5 years are considered as an extra person and extra person’s charges will be applicable. 

Full amount of tariff in advance & payment of the food bills on daily basis.

We collect the full amount of tariff in advance before your check in as the same is our procedure, please co-operate with us. You may kindly settle the bills of your food and beverages on every next day, if you are staying for more days.


Procedures For Advance Booking


All Advance Bookings Are Not Confirmed Booking

All advance bookings are not confirmed bookings,advance booking  will only become a confirmed booking, when you or your travel agents transfer the whole amount of the total tariff, into our account before your check in.Therefore you may please make sure with us that your booking is a confirmed booking.

Please check with us,before your check in, about the confirmation of your Booking.

You may please contact us through our Email Id ( Or ) before your arrival at Kumarakom, for the confirmation of your booking, if you have booked through any Travel Agents or Online Travel Agents.

We cannot guarantee your accommodation, under the following circumstances:

1) If you make  any booking, which is initiated through your phone calls or through Online Travel Agents and by without paying full amount or advance amount.

2) If you make  any booking through any travel agents or Online travel agents, but the travel agent haven’t paid the due amount before your check in.

3) You made your booking through any travel agents and  you have paid advance amount or full amount of tariff, but If we don’t have any credit business with them, then you may get the Cottages or Room, if it is available, on the express condition that, We get the full amount from your travel agents or from you before your check in.

4) Therefore You may please contact at our Email. Or, for confirming your advance booking before your arrival. 

5)We don’t  honour  or confirm the advance booking  through  M/s Goibibo Or MakeMy Trip, as we don’t have, credit transactions with them.

Check In From Afternoon 2 Pm On wards & Check Out before 12 Noon, Early Check In & Late Check Out will be Chargeable, depends upon availability and Prior Permission.

Houseboats, Motorboats, Speedboats & Country Boats.

We arrange Houseboats, Motorboats, Speedboats & Country boats for morning cruising, sunset cruising for 2 hours and day cruising for 5 to 7 hours with welcome drink, lunch,evening snacks with coffee/tea.We also provide Houseboats for overnight stay.

Please take care at the time of boating and also during the rainy season

You have to be very careful when you get into and get out of the Motorboats, Houseboats & Speedboats, otherwise you may fall down from the boat and get injured. During the rainy season the farm, walker’s path and the tiles in the porch etc. may be slippery, so you have to take more care.

Ayurvedic massage, Treatment,Yoga Classes and Cultural Programmes,

Ayurvedic whole body massage, treatment, facial will be arranged at Ayurvedic Body Massage Centers/Hotels and Resorts in Kumarakom, according to the  requirement of the guest. , Yoga classes and other cultural programmes, can be arranged here as per your prior request.

Please keep off mosquitoes, insects, ants etc.

Keep your door closed, during night as the mosquitoes and insects will not come inside and you will have a comfortable night. If you want to enjoy the night at the maximum, without the trouble of insects & mosquitoes, you better switch off the light at the sit out/porch. Please don’t eat food, beverages, snacks, bakery items etc. at the  room, to avoid, ants and insects, for you to have a comfortable night.

Don’t miss out the early morning beauty of Lake Vembanad

Please get up early morning by 5.30 am to enjoy the superb morning beauty of the backwater, fishing by fishermen, birds, morning beauty of the lake & the Moon Set also.

Swimming In The Lake- Precaution

Swimming in the lake, is  not  allowed by the management of  ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages, but as per the climatic condition with the permission of the  Office Manager, and then by wearing life jackets, by having all other safety measures and should be in the presence of our male staff, the guests who know swimming can step into the lake within 10  feet  from the granite boundary of the property. May  to November is not at all safe to swim or step-down into the lake, due to heavy rain and wind and  also you shouldn’t experience the lake after 12 Noon as the waves may be very dangerous in the afternoon. If anybody swim or enter into the lake without considering the above instructions ,they themselves will be liable for their own acts.

Order Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast in advance

The order for the Lunch should be provided before 11 Am, Dinner should be before 7 Pm and the order for the Breakfast should be provided before 7 Am or at the time of Dinner.

A/C and TV Remote

You may please carefully handle the A/c remote as we do get complaints about the functioning of the A/c after the improper handling of the remote by the  children’s and the kids.Therefore please don’t allow your children to play with the A/c remotes. The same is the case with TV remote also,therefore you may please take care of the remotes for your comfortable stay as we don’t have the services of A/c & TV technicians during the night.


Will be provided in the Reception Areas,within 25 meters only and  you may have to pay the minimum charge Rs 100/- per day for the usage up to 22 hours in between, starting from 2 PM to 12 Noon on the next day.

Travel Desk

We do arrange  travel assistance, vehicle hire for sightseeing, shopping, local and outstation travel etc as per the requirement of the guest.

Luggage Handling

We will take care of the luggage of the Guests, who cannot handle the same due to old age, sickness,pregnant woman and for the physically handicapped and for all the other Guests, we will provide Trolley services, for them to take care of their luggage, as we don’t have specific staff for luggage handling.

Car Parking

Guest can park their car with prior permission from our Office Manager, for a parking fee of Rs 100 per car, for the usage up to 24 hours,starting from 12 Noon  to 12 Noon on the next day, at the eastern side of the parking area only, without obstructing office entrance and  other cars. We will not allow the drivers of the parked cars to start the engine and keep it on for their personal purpose,that means all the vehicles should not keep the engine on while it is parked.

Taxi drivers & other drivers

Taxi drivers & other drivers may park their cars without obstructing other cars movement and also they shouldn’t disturb the silence by playing the songs or cinema in their car and they shouldn’t park their car by keeping the engine on, as it will disturb the peace of the Property. Moreover, if any vehicle want to park in the parking area of the Property, then they will have to provide the copy of the their Driving Licence and also provide their Mobile Number.

Doctor on call

We will arrange to consult the Doctors at Kumarakom or at Kottayam, if any of the  guests need any medical consultation or to get any medicines.

Pets Policy

Pets are not generally allowed, but with special & specific written permission from the Management and by paying additional tariff and also if  the concerned guest undertake the full responsibility and liability, if any injury, loss or damages arises from the pets to any other Guest,Employees or  Anybody  in and outside of the Property.

Washing & Ironing

We provide laundry services to the guest as per the prior request of the guest. Clothes can be washed and ironed  by our staff  upon the request by the guest.

Please take note at the time of Your Check In

You may please take note of the perfect working condition of TV, Its two remote, Air conditioner, its remote, Water Jug,2 Glasses,2 soaps,2 bathroom towels, all fittings in the bathroom and the perfect working condition of all the equipment in the room, in the dressing area, in the bathroom, sit out etc. If you find anything as not working, defective or broken or torn please report to the reception at ext. No.100 or at the Mobile No.+91 9446073152 or to the management and get it replaced or properly maintained.

Please take care, before Your Check Out

You may please give back the Door Key to our staff at the reception , and see that two TV Remotes, A/c Remote and all the furniture & fittings in the Room, Bathroom and at the sit out are in good condition and placed there in its original position, before you leave the Resort. You should also bring back to the office, all the items you had collected for your recreation, fishing and for your assistance.

You may please make sure that all furnitures, fittings and all assets in the room, bathroom and in the sit out are in good condition and allow our staff to check and verify the same, as in good condition, before your check out. Therefore you may please co operate with our staff to ascertain as above.

Original & Valid Photo Identification

It is mandatory for guests to present valid and original photo identification, of everybody at the time of check-in, for us to have the copies of the same for our record, from the original document.

Clean & pollution free property

The Bio gas plant and Vermicompost plant keeps the property clean and tidy. This property is operating with the consent of the Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

Power is steady

There is a 100 KVA Transformer in the property, so that the power is steady. Moreover, 5 KWA Solar Pannel and 40 KVA Diesel Generator for the backup.

Legal Couple

We allow only Married Couple or Legal Couple to stay in our property,We don’t allow unmarried  or unrelated couples to check in therefore you may have to satisfy the management of this property and also produce original I D Cards of all the concerned guests, issued by the Govt. This is at the full discretion of the Management of ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages to allow the check in of the guest or not. No refund would be applicable in case this hotel denies check in under such circumstances.

Overnight Stay

We provide the accommodation for overnight stay only and not for limited to few hours. We will definitely refuse to provide the room if we know that the particular couple is going to stay only for few hours or for the day time only.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation should be informed to us by email:, for considering ,postponement or preponement, within the period of 11 months, subject to availability. During peak season, postponement will not be preferred. Request of cancellation should be send to the  above referred email  before 3 days of the check in, for considering postponement or preponement. If the cancellation is  made within 3 days before the check in, postponement or preponement will not be considered. Refund of the tariff cannot  be given  by considering  the cancellation request of the guest, under no circumstances .We cannot  refund, tariff in case of cancellation, no show or late check in.

Code of Conduct

Please Maintain privacy and peace of mind of everybody in the Property.You may please maintain the privacy and peace of mind of other guests also, like you want to keep your privacy and peace of mind. Therefore you may give preference to the privacy and peace of mind of other guests in their cottage/room than your unreasonable fun and enjoyment.Please keep the volume of your TV in control, within your room only, so that it will not be a disturbance to others.

Stand and relax only in front of your cottage or room.

You may not use others premises up to the lake in front of their cottages. The guests who are staying at the Lakeside Cottages are supposed to occupy the lakeside, just in front of their sit out only. Those who are staying in the standard Ac Rooms can occupy the lakeside, just in front of the sit out of their Room. Guests who are staying at the basic ac rooms should use the lakeside without  disturbing the peace of mind of the guests who are occupied in the lakeside cottages or they can relax on the lakeside in front of those lakeside cottages, If guests are not checked in (Please get the information from the office. Do the fishing from in front of your cottage, or from, in front of the cottages, where other guests are not occupying.

Please don’t spent unreasonable time at the reception.

You are requested not to spend your time by relaxing unreasonably at the office, as it is very small office and also the Guest area just before the check in and Check out. moreover it  will adversely affect office duties of our Staff.

Smoking & Drinking

Please don’t smock or drink openly, on the bank of the lake and also  in other  public areas. If you want to smoke you may do the same at the sit out of your cottages and regarding drinks you can have the same only in your room. Please avoid smoking and eating  in the Cottage/Room for to maintain the room as clean, tidy and pollution free . Anyhow you may see that other guests or our employees are not disturbed when you have your enjoyment by smoking, drinking, making loud noises etc, you may please control your sound when you are at the property.Wind is blowing from the west to  east (from the Lakeside to the backside ) therefore if you smoke at the lakeside all others, who are standing at the back, will be disturbed by your smoking. Therefore you may please don’t smoke or consume alcohol at all  in the  public areas.

Maintain the fittings &  furniture  in the Room & Sit out as it is kept.

Please don’t take out the Settee, Easy chairs, Chairs, other furniture etc. from the rooms to outside, as those will get spoiled.

Save Power & Water

Switch off Air conditioner, Fan, Lights, TV, Other Plug Points in the Room and the lights & Fan at the sit out/porch, when you are going out of the property, when you are relaxing or playing outside.You may save power by Switch off Air conditioner, Fan, Lights, TV, Other Plug Points in the Room and the lights & Fan at the sit out/porch, when you are going out of the property, when you are relaxing or playing outside and also take care of not to waste water, as water is also very precious.Please switch off power, when you are relaxing outside and also when you don’t use it and Please don’t keep the door open, when your A/c is on.Please switch off air conditioner, fan  and  other power connections when you go out of the room and switch on those when you come back to your room.We have instructed our staff to switch off air conditioner and other power connections when you go out of the room, if those are on.


Please,You may not pluck any fruits, spoil trees & plants, or disturb and injure butterflies, rabbits, ghoose, honeybees, vegetables, flowers, plants or any other things in the Property. You shouldn’t pluck tender coconut, mangos, passion fruits, lemon, soursop etc. If you need those fruits, you can buy those through our Office Manager Aji Sivadas. You are also requested to instruct your children as above.


Please don’t dry your cloths on the furniture and also outside of your room. You may put those at  the backside of the dining hall at the specified place only. You may contact our staff to show you the place to dry your cloths.

Our Staff

All of our Lady Staff and few of our Male Staff are Natives of Kumarakom and also they are neighbors to this Property. They are not professionals, but they are sincere,helpful,and will provide dedicated service,they are not fluent in English and Hindi but they understand and will do the right thing. We employ them as part of our commitment to the society and also for co operating with the Responsible Tourism Initiatives of the Kerala State Government. If you find any difficulty in dealing with them you can always contact the management at +91 9447024234 or at 9495735152.

Distance to Useful Places in and Around Kumarakom

Banks & ATM (2 K.m.), Kumarakom Bus Stop (2 K.m.)Kumarakom Govt. Boat Jetty ( 2 K.m.) Medical Shops (3K.m.) Kumarakom Govt. Hospital ( 3 K.m.), Kumarakom Market Junction (3K.m) Familys Mart Super Market  ( 3 Km ) Kumarakom Panchayat (2.5K.m.) Kumarakom Police Station (3 K.m.)

Distance to Main Resorts & Clubs in Kumarakom

Backwater Ripples (850 Meters) Karma Chakra (400 Meters), Kumarakom Sailing Club( 1 K.m.) Zuri Kumarakom & Spa (1K.m.) Kottayam Club (1 K.m.) Abad Whispering Palms (1. K.m.) Lake Song (1. K.m.)Rama Varma Union Club (1.5 K.m.) Club Mahindra (4Km) Kumarakom Lake Resort (4 K.m.) Vivantha By Taj (5 k.m.), CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon (7 K.m.) Windsor Castle Kottayam (15 K.m.)

Distance to Sightseeing Places in & Around Kumarakom

Kumarakom Govt. Boat Jetty ( 2 K.m.) Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary (5.5 K.m.) Nalu Pank Houseboat Terminal (5 K.m) Metran Kayal (5 K.m) Regional Agricultural  Research Station & University (6 K.m.) Thanneermukkham Bund (12Km.) Kavanattinkara Houseboat Terminal (6 ) Kaippuzhamuttu Houseboat Terminal (7) Palaikari Aqua Tourism (32 K.m.) J Yes Farms (24 K.m.) Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls (35 Km)

Availability of Vehicles

We can arrange Cars & Autorickshaw for the Guests at any time, moreover ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages, is only two Kms  from the Kumarakom Govt. Boat Jetty Bus Stop, from where  Buses to Kottayam, Alappuzha, Cherthala, Kochi and Ernakulam are available


We started the hospitality business in 1995, with just one room, in our own inherited one and half acres of land, as the first local family in Kumarakom, managed by Susan Salim and Salim Das, who is an advocate and hails from one of the Ancient Syrian Christian families of the region. The Guest can always  contact the Management to have additional care, assistance and information. Mob. No +91 9495735152.

How to arrive from Vaikom, Cherthala, Alappuzha, Ernakulam & Kochi

From Cherthala OR Vaikom you may take the road to Kumarakom, after around 20 km, you reach the north of Kumarakom. Immediately after the Kavanar Bridge, on the Right side of the road you will see the sign boards of Birds Sanctuary, KTDC, Waterscape, Vivanta By Taj, then on the left side Lakshmi Hotel, Ashirwad Hotel, then the sign board of Kumarakom Lake Resort, And after around 2 kms, immediately after a long bridge, on the left side, Tharavadu Heritage Home, BSNL Tower, Then A Sharp Turning, But Don’t Go Further Through The Main Road “Such As Car Wash, State Bank of India, Federal Bank Etc. From The Sharp Turning, you take Right Turn for around 2 Kms, On the Right side you will see Lake Song, Zuri, Sailing Club, Aveda, Backwater Ripples, Beer Parlor, Karmachakra, Paradise Resort, Lake Residency, then turn right, through the bridge then straight through the country road  to ILLIKKALAM LAKESIDE COTTAGES.

How to arrive from Kottayam, Munnar, Thekkedy, Trivandrum, Poovar, Kovalam,Varkala

From Kottayam after around 10 km, you reach Kumarakom. 

On the left side of the road, there is a Petrol Pump, then the Attamangalam Church, then a small Junction, go straight, after the bridge Federal Bank and State Bank of India, immediately after the Car Wash, A Sharp Turning, from the turning, you may take the Left Turn for around 2 Kms, On the Right side you will see Lake Song, Zuri, Sailing Club, Aveda, Backwater Ripples, Beer Parlor, Karmachakra, Paradise Resort, Lake Residency, then turn right, through the bridge then straight through the country road  to ILLIKKALAM LAKESIDE COTTAGES.

Susan Salim

ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages

Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kerala, PIN 686563, India,

Mob:+919447024234 ( Please avoid phone calls for enquiring  details of accommodation and availability.)