Lake view from Lakeside Lakefacing Cottage

Lake View from Lakeside Family Cottage

Location of Illikkalam Lakeside Cottages,Kumarakom


ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages is Situated  Just on the Edge/Shores of Beautiful Lake Vembanad, at the Best Location of  Kumarakom Village, Kottayam Dist, Kerala State, India.

Cottages are located at the best location of Kumarakom is an eco friendly holiday property in one and a half acres of land. Cottages are overlooking the Lake Vembanad and perfectly suitable for relaxation and holidaying for many days. You can experience the maximum breadth and length of the Vembanad lake, and also the sun set and the moon set from the cottages.

Fascinating Lake Vembanad is the main attraction of this Property at Kumarakom, the maximum length and the breadth of the Lake Vembanad is visible from the cottages of this property. There is always very comfortable  breeze and the beautiful waves on the lakeside of this property, as  Arabian Sea is on the west of Kumarakom. You can experience the beautiful Sun Set from the Cottages.

A Wonderful Place of Enjoyable Ambiance

As you walk in, you are surrounded with a delightful vision of the Lake.Whatever your idea of a perfect Relaxation, during your Holidays, Illikkalam Lakeside Cottages Kumarakom puts you to the maximum enjoyment of backwaters of Kumarakom and Alappuzha, which is located right in front of your cottages.Relax at the lakeside Cottage and spend your time by reading a book or just enjoy the live backwater activities  at the lake Vembanad or the beautiful Sun set or may be admiring the lovely birds and parade of Houseboats motorboats  and the thrilling Speedboats.

Sightseeing from Illikkalam Lakeside Cottages: Beautiful Sun set can be experienced from the lake side of Kumarakom, Watch the house boats, motor boats, speed boats, country boat and fishermen’s boat sail past. Unique scenery, throughout the day, and also the breeze and the waves of the beautiful lake. Joyous sights of the sunset, stars, moon set. Watch the beautiful sight of the lights and fire works on the western side of the lake and the stars in the sky during the night. Enjoy the rainy season by experiencing the rain coming from far away and also the breeze and the waves of the lake, natures live sound and light show of thunder and lightning at night. Watch Vellavaley from the Lakeside Cottage– Unique way of catching the  pearl spot fish  with bare hand by the fisher men.

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The morning at Lake side is very pleasant, as the trees on the lake side provides very good shade and also the breeze from the south east and the north east is always very pleasant for those who is relaxing at the cottages and the lakeside of the property. Morning and  Evening  is very comfortable and at the afternoon onwards you can experience  fascinating waves on the lake side.

Always the temperature on the lake side will be 2 to 5 degree lesser than most of the other places. Lake side of Kumarakom is having pollution free fresh air and there is more oxygen in the air, therefore when you stay on the lake side cottage you will be more refreshed and energetic, moreover Yoga will be more effective from the lake side cottages by concentrating at the Sun Set.Cottages are overlooking the Lake Vembanad and perfectly suitable for relaxation and holidaying for many days. There are Rooms also which is little away from the Lake Vembanad.

Kumarakom Backwater Cruising from Illikkalam Lakeside Cottages

Kumarakom backwaters are one of the best backwaters for backwater cruising in a House Boat, motor Boat, and Speed Boat or in a Country boat. It is around morethan 30 Kms. long and around 8 Kms. breadth. You can see the beautiful Resorts on the lake Side of Kumarakom, such as from north Pathiramanal  Island, Coconut lagoon, Bird sanctuary, Fish sanctuary, Water scapes, Taj Garden Retreat, Coco Bay, Kumarakom Lake resort, MRF Guest House,St.Peters church, Beautiful Cross constructed in the Lake ,by Illikkalam Family Members and donated to St.Johns Attamangalam Church in 1965. Rama Varma Union Club, Lake Song Resort. Radisson Plaza Resort, Sailing club, Aveda Resort, Backwater Ripples, Paradise Resort, Illikkalam lakeside Cottages, Backwater Resort, Kottayam Club, Abad whispering Palms Etc, Cruising  through Kumarakom Backwaters are very good, as you can  enjoy  the  Breeze and waves of the lake vembanad ,You can view the fishing by the fishermen and also the Vellavali. You can see theR Block, C Block and also Alleppey Backwaters.

Unique Features of the Location

The most popular location on the shores of the Lake Vembanad is the Kumarakom Tourist Village situated on the east coast of the lake.  The  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is located on the northern fringes of Kumarakom village. Vembanad Lake is at the heart of Kerala Backwaters tourism with hundreds of Houseboats,  Motor boats  Speedboats operating  on daily basis.  The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is located on the north east coast of the lake. The lake has become a major tourist attraction. A generally safe destination, Major livelihood activities of the people living on the shores of the lake include agriculture, fishing, tourism, inland navigation, coir retting, lime shell collection mining of sand from the lake etc..

Lake Vembanad OR Vembanad Backwaters OR Vembanad Kayal

Lake Vembanad is  the longest in India, the largest lake in the State of Kerala and the heart of the system of waterways known as the Kerala Backwaters formed when the Arabian Sea withdrew a thousands of  years ago.

This is the largest Backwater of Kerala, which extends from Alappuzha in the south and Thrissur on the north and its length is 97 Km.  The lake has maximum width of about 8 km. and is about 4 to 39 feet deep.The  total area of the Vembanad Lake is 13,224 Hector(32,700 Acres) The Lake is Joining to Arabian sea through ThanneerMukham, bund. Spanning several districts in the state of Kerala, The lake is bordered by AlappuzhaKottayam, and Ernakulam districts. It is situated at the sea level, and is separated from the Arabian Sea by a by a narrow barrier island. The Vembanad Lake is approximately 8  kilometres wide, and you can experience more than 30 Kms of length of Lake Vembanad in front of Illikkalam lakeside Cottages. The lake is fed by 10 rivers flowing into it including the six major rivers of central Kerala namely the AchenkovilManimala,  MeenachilMuvattupuzha,  Pamba  and  Periyar.

Thanneermukkham Salt Water Barrage

This is only 12 Kms. away from ILC by road, and it is on the north west of Kumarakom, only 15 minutes in a Speed Boat, two hours  in a House boat or in a Motor Boat. Its length is 1400 meters and have 62 shutters at both ends ,470 meter long reclaimed portion in the middle  and the western and eastern portion with 470 meters each at both sides with 31 shutters  on each side were completed in 1967.The construction of the remaining middle part was completed in 1977.These 62 shutters were fitted on the northern side of the bridge to control the entry of saline water from  Arabian Sea to the southern part of the barrage to facilitate two crops of paddy in a year.Thanneermukkom salt water barrier constructed as a part of the Kuttanad Development Scheme to prevent tidal action and intrusion of salt water into the Kuttanad low-lands. It is the largest mud regulator in India and essentially divides the lake into two parts – one with perennial brackish water and the other with fresh water from rivers draining into the lake.

This barrier has helped farmers in Kuttanad by freeing the area of salinity and allowing them an additional crop in the dry season. The main drawback of the structure has been the loss of opportunity for fish and prawns to migrate upstream, and also an increase in weed growth in the upstream, severely restricting the natural flushing of pollutants. The Thanneermukkom bund has also created ecological problems, primarily, the rampant propagation of the Water Hyacinth in fresh water.

Pathiramanal Island

There is only 60  minutes journey (One side) in a Motor Boat and only 10 minutes journey by a Speed boat from ILC. Pathiramanal  is a beautiful  island situated at the north western side of  Vembanad Lake, from ILC. The Island covers an area of around 100 acres.There is a legendary story regarding the creation of this island, One famous Brahmin  who possessed supernatural  powers was travelling through Vembanad lake in a country Boat. During the travel the Brahmin wanted to  pass urine, but passing urine in the lake water was considered a sin .So with his supernatural power he created an island called pathiramanal ( Mid- night- sand) in the lake.The undisturbed atmosphere of the island provides favoured breeding ground for various Birds. This island has its own unique flora with rare plants like crocodile, apple, various climbers, mangrove, medicinal plants etc.

Kumarakom Birds  Sanctuary

You can reach birds  sanctuary from ILC by Motorboat within 2 hours, and by Road within 20 minutes. There are 180 species of birds are found in the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, the story of the bird sanctuary begins in the year 1847,when Mr Alfred George Baker started developing a vast area of Vembanad Lake shore at Kumarakom. The planted Mangrove bushes and created a green belt on the lake shore to protect his land and crops..He also kept an area of about ten acres of land with mangroves to accommodate local as well as migratory birds coming from far off regions. No one was allowed to enter the area to disturb the birds. A permanent Bird sanctuary was thus formed which may be the first of its kind in the country. Later construction works of Resorts and Hotels over these area disturbed the birds. Now the trees in front of the Taj hotel, KTDC entrance and the forest Office are the breeding area of Darters, Little Cormorants, Indian shags and Pond Herons.

How to Arrive

By Flight

Kochi  Nedumbassery Intl. Airport, in Ernakulam Dist.(80 K.m.) 2.5 Hours

Trivandrum Intl. Airport (180 K.m.) 4.5 Hours, Karipur Airport(Calicut International Airport) 5.45 Hours  (215 K.m.)

By Train

Kottayam -16 K.m.  (30 Minutes),Ernakulum Junction South-60 K.m. (1.5 Hours) Ernakulum Town North-62 K.m. (1.45 Hours) Alappuzha-41 K.m. (1.15 Hours), Cherthala-22 K.m.  ( 45 Minutes)

By Road From Other Places

Bangalore 594K.m. (11 .5 hours),Chennai 692 k.m. (13.5 Hours), Cherthala 22 K.m. (40 minutes),Coimbatore 235 K.m. (6 Hours), Ernakulam 60 K.m. ( 1.5 hours), Ettumanoor 24 K.m. (50 Minute), Kochi 55 K.m. (1.5 Hours), Kottayam 14 K.m. (30 Minutes), Kozhikkode 227 (6 Hours), Madurai 260 K.m. (6.5hours), Tiruppur 281K.m. (6 hours),Trivandrum 160 (4.1 hours),Vaikom 23 (42 Minutes).

How to arrive from Vaikom, Cherthala, Alappuzha, Ernakulam & Kochi

From Cherthala OR Vaikom you may take the road to Kumarakom, after around 20 km, you reach the north of Kumarakom. Immediately after the Kavanar Bridge, on the Right side of the road you will see the sign boards of Birds Sanctuary, KTDC, Waterscape, Vivanta By Taj, then on the left side Lakshmi Hotel, Ashirwad Hotel, then the sign board of Kumarakom Lake Resort, And after around 2 kms, immediately after a long bridge, on the left side, Tharavadu Heritage Home, BSNL Tower, Then A Sharp Turning, But Don’t Go Further Through The Main Road “Such As Car Wash, State Bank of India, Federal Bank Etc. From The Sharp Turning, you take Right Turn for around 2 Kms, On the Right side you will see Lake Song, Zuri, Sailing Club, Aveda, Backwater Ripples, Beer Parlor, Karmachakra, Paradise Resort, Lake Residency, then turn right, through the bridge then straight through the country road  to ILLIKKALAM LAKESIDE COTTAGES.

How to arrive from Kottayam, Munnar, Thekkedy, Trivandrum, Poovar, Kovalam  and Varkala

From Kottayam after around 10 km, you reach Kumarakom. 
On the left side of the road, there is a Petrol Pump, then the Attamangalam Church, then a small Junction, go straight, after the bridge Federal Bank and State Bank of India, immediately after the Car Wash, A Sharp Turning, from the turning, you may take the Left Turn for around 2 Kms, On the Right side you will see Lake Song, Zuri, Sailing Club, Aveda, Backwater Ripples, Beer Parlor, Karmachakra, Paradise Resort, Lake Residency, then turn right, through the bridge then straight through the country road  to ILLIKKALAM LAKESIDE COTTAGES.

By road from other Tourist Destinations

Alappuzha Beach 37K.m.(1Hour), Athirappally 112 K.m. (3.20 hours), Ernakulam 60 K.m. ( 1.5 hours), Guruvayoor 138 K.m. (4 hours), Kalady 81 K.m. (2.5 hours), Kanyakumari 260K.m. (6.5 Hours), Kodaikkanal 270 K.m. (7 Hours), Kochi 55 K.m. (1.5 Hours), Kovalam 178 K.m. (4.45 Hours), Kumily 125 (3.5 Hours), Mannarasala  68 K.m.(2 .1 hours), Marrari Beach 32 Km (1 Hour) Munnar 151K.m. (4.25 hours), Ooty 345K.m. (8.5Hours), Poovar 194 (5 Hours), Sabarimala 110 K.m. (4 Hours), Thekkady 125 (3.5 hours), Tiruppur 281K.m. (6 hours),Vaikom 23 (42 Minutes),Varkala 132 K.m. (3.4 hours), Wayanad 304 K.m. (7.45 hours)

Distance to useful Places in and around Kumarakom

Banks & ATM (2 K.m.), Kumarakom Bus Stop (2 K.m.)Kumarakom Govt. Boat Jetty ( 2 K.m.) Medical Shops (3K.m.) Kumarakom Govt. Hospital ( 3 K.m.), Kumarakom Market Junction (3K.m) Familys Mart Super Market  ( 3 Km ) Kumarakom Panchayat (2.5K.m.) Kumarakom Police Station (3 K.m.)

Distance to other Resorts and Clubs in Kumarakom

Abad Whispering Palms (1.1 K.m.),Backwater Ripples (850 Meters),CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon (7 K.m.),Karma Chakra (400 Meters), Kottayam Club (1 K.m.) Kumarakom Lake Resort (4.1 k.m.), Kumarakom Sailing Club( 1 K.m.), Lake Song (1.3 K.m.),Rama Varma Union Club (1.5 K.m.),Vivantha By Taj (5.5k.m.), Zuri Kumarakom & Spa (1K.m.) Windsor Castle Kottayam (15.5 K.m.)

Distance to Sightseeing Places in and around Kumarakom

Kumarakom Govt. Boat Jetty ( 2 K.m.) Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary (5.5 K.m.) Nalu Pank Houseboat Terminal (5 K.m) Metran Kayal (5 K.m) Regional Agricultural  Research Station & University (6 K.m.) Thanneermukkham Bund (12Km.) Kavanattinkara Houseboat Terminal (6 ) Kaippuzhamuttu Houseboat Terminal (7) Palaikari Aqua Tourism (32 K.m.) J Yes Farms (24 K.m.) Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls (35 Km)