Safe food and beverages

Safe food & beverages 


ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages provides food & soft drinks  for the guests as per the prior order. The food is served in the dining hall which is very close to the Kitchen, where the food is prepared. We never keep the food as stored,  after its preparation for serving it afterwards. Moreover we don’t make  ready, other basic ingredients for the preparation before the order of food. That means we start the preparation of everything ,only after the order. Therefore  the guest will have to order their food as early as possible at least 45 minutes earlier. Please note that the waiting time depends upon what you order and also the quantity that you order.

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Food and beverages

The price of the food and beverages as per the Menu card is slightly higher than other public restaurants, as we provide only safe and healthy food and beverages,we don’t reuse oil, and also prepare dishes,which is made out of vegetables from our farm and buying from other reliable places.We don’t have buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner as our restaurant is only meant for inmates, who are staying in our property.

Interact With Cooking at Night

You can be engaged in the cooking at night with the permission of the Resident Manager of  ILC, for learning & pleasure

 Healthy and Safe Food, Artificial taste makers & colours are not used

We don’t use Ajinomoto, any type of taste maker, colour or any other type of chemicals. Therefore the  food will have only natural colour and  taste. We never use cooked oil and use most of the powders used for the cooking, such as Chilly Powder, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, Pepper Powder, Turmeric Powder and the Rice Powder for the Palappam etc. are all made by us for ensuring quality and to provide safe food to our guests. There are also dishes which is prepared from the organic vegetables & fruits in our small farm.

We Make Basic Ingredients for the Preparation under Our Own Supervision

 We make the curry powders under our own supervision such as Rice Powder, Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cardamom Powder, Pepper Powder, Gram Masala (All Spice Powders) Tomato Sauce, Tomato Soup, Jam, Welcome Drink, Pickles etc. Few of our dishes and fruits are from our organic farm, as it is fresh and safe.

Start Preparation only after Your Order

We start A to Z of the preparation only after the order from the guest. We don’t keep semi cooked food for fast preparation or keep any cooked food in Deep freezer to serve in time after placing it in microwave oven. Therefore we don’t use Microwave wave oven as we prepare the fresh food and serve it soon. There for you have to order food as early as possible to avoid delay in serving food. You have to order at evening itself, if you want Iddally, Dosa, Palappam etc. for your breakfast on the next day.

You Can Give the Order Before Your Arrival

 You can call at 0481  2523330/+91 9446073152, Extension 100, for giving your order for the food & beverages if you are expected to be late to check in and also when you have gone outside and still want to have the food from ILC.

Order Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast in advance

The order for the Lunch should be provided before 11 Am, Dinner should be before 7 Pm and the order for the Breakfast should be provided before 7 Am or at the time of Dinner.

We Serve the Food & Beverages at the Dining Hall

We serve the food & beverages at the Dining Hall for the sake of convenience, and to keep your cottage/room as clean and tidy, but for physically handicapped, old age and also for pregnant women we will serve the food in the porch of their cottage. But soft drinks, coffee, tea etc   will be served in the room.


Organic Farm & Fruit Trees


Dishes Freshly Prepared from the Vegetables of  Organic Farm



Is a dish with the following Leaves of Vegetables + Coconut , Usually Eaten With Steamed Rice.

Drumstick (മുരിങ്ങയില)

Drumstick (മുരിങ്ങപൂവ്)

Spinach 1 (ചീര)

Spinach 2 (കുപ്പച്ചീര)

Spinach 3 (തഴുതാമയില)

Spinach4( സാംബാര്‍ ചീര)

Pappaya (കപ്പളങ്ങ)

 Dishes from Vegetables at the Farm 

Plantain (വാഴക്കുല)

Banana (വാഴപിണ്ടി)

Banana (വാഴക്കുമ്പ്)

Lady’s Finger (വെണ്ടയ്ക്ക)  

Brinjal (വഴുതനങ്ങ )

Bitter Gourd (പാവയ്ക്കാ) 


Coccinia Grandis (കോവല്)


Mango (മാങ്ങാ)

Dishes & Boiled Dishes from Tubers (കിഴങ്ങുകള്‍)

Tapioca(കപ്പ) Elephant foot yam(ചേന) Purple Yam (കാച്ചില്‍)Yam (ചേമ്പ്)Yam(ശീമചേമ്പ്)

Pickles are also made out from the following fruits & Vegetables



Bilumbi (ഇരുമ്പന്‍ പുളി)

Luvika (ലോലോലിക്ക)

Spondias Pinnata (അമ്പഴം)


Bitter Gourd (പാവയ്ക്കാ) 


Fruits from the Property

Passion fruit




Jamun (ഞാവൽ പഴം)


Cashew Fruit

Tender oconut



Bell Fruit (ചാമ്പക്ക)

Bilumbi (ഇരുമ്പന്‍ പുളി)

Star Fruit (ഇലുമ്പി)


Chatney is made from the following



Bilumbi (ഇരുമ്പന്‍ പുളി)

Star Fruit (ഇലുമ്പി)


Passion Fruit


General Policies and Guidelines for Your Comfortable & Peaceful Stay


 Avoid  Bringing  Cooking Utensils

Please don’t use any any cooking utensils or any other electrical equipment except mobile charger or laptop, as we don’t allow cooking utensils to use by the Guest.


Avoid Outside Food, Fast Food or Junk Food

Outside food  will certainly damage your health even if you have it for once.Outside food at the open restaurants and in the petty night shops called as Thattukada are not safe and also they are unhealthy food, they use Ajinomoto, other chemicals for increasing the taste , colour etc to attract the guests. Those type of food are dangerous and  unhealthy. Definitely They can provide cheaper food  as they don’t maintain safety standards for the food and also they are not responsible or concerned about anybody, also they are illegal operators as per the rules and guidelines of FSSA Act. 


Please Don’t Bring Food From Outside

Please Don’t Expect Any Assistance/Service, From The Kitchen And The Office, If You Bring Outside Food Or Anything For Cooking Such As Fish, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables Etc, As We Discourage The Guests From Bringing The Above  Into The Property &  Room, Due To Various Reasons.


Eating in the Room

Please avoid eating snacks, chips, biscuits, food etc. in the room as it will attract ants, and you may have issues in connection with those and your sleeping might be disturbed by ants and insects.


We serve the food & beverages at the Dining Hall

We serve the food & beverages only at the dining hall for the sake of convenience, and to keep your cottage/room as clean and tidy, but for physically handicapped, old age and also for pregnant women we will serve the food in the porch of the cottage. But soft drinks, coffee, tea and evening snacks, will be served as above.


Service Charge for all the Personal Services

We discourage the guests to bring fish, meat, fruits etc to the property and asking the Kitchen Staff to prepare those or ask them to do any personal service. But if you still want those services, there will be service charge and you will have to pay accordingly, as follows, that is, we will charge each and every item as per the price in our menu card, less the normal market cost of the purchased item + the normal transportation cost.


 Menu Card